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Medium: Oil painting

Dimension: 55x60 cm







Medium: Oil painting

Dimension: 50x65 cm






Medium: Oil painting

Dimension: 90x95 cm


















Medium: Oil painting

Dimension: 135x155 cm










Medium: Oil painting

Dimension: 80x150 cm





Medium: Oil painting


Size: 100x100 cm










1971 Born in Bac ninh, Vietnam  

Gender Male

2001 Graduated from Hanoi Fine Art College

Artist Media Oil painting
Exhibitions Solo exhibitions
  1999 Took part in the International Asean  Exhibition   of the Philip Morris
  Group of Companies in Hanoi Vietnam
  1996: -Capital Exhibition in 1996, 1997: -Capital Exhibition 1998: -Capital
  Exhibition 1999: -Capital Exhibition -Asean Exhibition 2000: -Capital
  Exhibition 2001: -Young Artist Exhibition 2002: -Trio Show 2003: -Young Artist
  Exhibition in 2004: -Solo Show -Group Show in England
  2004: Solo exhibition at Hilton Hotel of Ha Noi.
  2005: Exhibition in the Nation and Singapo.
  2006: Solo exhibition at USA- Group exhibition and Singapo

Nguyen Minh Son-The Impression on Romantic Landscape paintings


Making impression by the way to use colours strongly, the painter’s intention is clear to depict the simpleness and purety of the landscape as it ever is. Futher more, the bright part of colour were styleq, distributed in the painitngs which makes bushes, roffs, flowers more shiny and beautiful. This give the feeling that the viewers are wondering in the sence.

 Nguyen Minh Son’s paintings had only two or three colour, a contrast of strong pure colour white maintaining the hannony and percision  for deep sensitive viewer”.

 In Nguyen Minh Son’s daily inner world, the culture of Vietnam, the soul of Vietnam are the endless, inspiration for paintings. So Son had such the paintings that only had clouds, sky, sea, flowers, but together they dissolve which the feeling of Ha Noi  where he lives and all the country- side where he has gone with close and percise  feelings.

 With impression colours’ effect of red, orange, yellow and green…and strong emotional  stroke, Nguyen Minh Son managed  to express his typical views. Both of the landscape and the illusion we are can see in his paintings which are the steps to tast and discover the beauty.

 Painting mountains, it brings the sail;

Painting mater, it brings the activity;

Painting trees, it brings the life

Painting people, it brings to express the most one’self.

To tell the truth, I can’t imagine how much the emotional desire is exposed, implied to Nguyen Minh Son’s painting.

Nguyen Minh Son was born and grew up in the North, his dreams aroused from the scratch and the colours of the famous Dong Ho- The folk paintings- combined with the knoledg of the modern painting he got from the studying at Hanoi Fine Art University( Nguyen Minh Son graduted in 2000). He early managed to create his own way(not yet style) in his art career. Staying away from the city of Thang Long- Hanoi, the centre of the most modern painting schools. Nguyen Minh Son quietly come back to find and depict the quiet beauty in the countyside. With his instinction on painting of art, so naïve and simple, he brought to the viewers the feeling of purely and identify. Under his brush is the blue sky, green trees, red leaves seasonal, simple houses and small boats, all in legendary Colours. So real and so virtual, Nguyen Minh Son has prefered pure and strong colours sach as: red, yellow, orange, blue when combined these colours created romantic and charming effects. Nguyen Minh Son’s paintings implied a vivid life eventhough there were not imegine of people. This vitslity was effects by the strokes which the seemed to be either careless or considerate in the lay- out which appears to be quick natural, but in fact, close details. This is strong point of Nguyen Minh Son and choke point of his innerfeelings. The viewers easily recognize him by his repreated style of painting, the sence of which there were only clouds, sky, houses, trees, sand- beache, sea… with cold or hot colours. These were to emply the vague sadness.

One of the way to reach the depth of art is to paint a landscape picture to reveal feeling. Said To Dong Pha: “ To paint is not only just to draw what you see, but also understand cast- off shapes and bring them successfully to the pictures”. Truong Ngan Vien startes painting a landscape picture, he aimed  to “feel the variant changes of soul”. And Thach Dao managed to reach: “ The big rule of the   soul changes to ensure the world continuty”. Also Nguyen Minh Son’s landscape paintings snet to find the east art’s spirit, like the outstanding ancient Chinese painters. He gained his first success from the local, national exhibitions, as well as home amndabroad exhibitions… These are always and ever the dream of any painters and sculptors( in any generation and time).

Nguyen Minh Son has affirmed his own style, has got the fruit of his creation by his paitings… Is it a positive encouragement or a big challege to Nguyen Minh Son

Silent of life give us the peace in our souls among this crowded and exciting life. We can found that silence in Nguyen Minh Son’s paintings. The artist was born Bac Ninh, the well- off land which generates many cultural values of matter and spirit. The love of people here is as fervid as  the land is, and artist Nguyen Minh Son shows his passion in his every landscape paintings.

There’s many artist have been choosing this subject to express on canvas, but the deep passion Nguyen Minh Son feels for homeland makes his own stamp. People always find out a peaceful immense atmosphere in his paintings, the calm specific to rural life, or is it the quiet in the artist’s spirit when remember his homeland? A bit agitation in leaf canory and on water surface can’t break the silent scence.

With the most favorite theme based on reality, but liberal style, each Nguyen Minh Son’s painting has it own beauty. Even strong brush- stroke’s inspired by deepfelt senti,ent, makes different effect on canvas. Construction of group of cottages, boats, plants and trees, the sky, expanse of flowers… are countryside in the artist’s mind. Nguyen Minh Son’s palette is pure, not like in reality, all he expreeses is a fervid emotion in a splendid palette. Emotions in Nguyen Minh Son’s paintings are always nostalgia, though it’s scence of territorial waters, Guom Lake, or a region he has passed.

It’s 6 years since his graduation, now living and working in Hanoi, recantly he’s found his way of pastoral painting. He wants his compositions have their intimate meaning to people, take them back to memorial regions. These pastorallandscapes is getting lost day by day, so Nguyen Minh Son loves to keep them, even on canvas. Watching his artworks, It’s easy to see something familiar, reminds us a memory deep in mind. Now, pastorel paintings is the subject purseus Nguyen Minh Son. He paints by all his art instinct, as though everything are in his mind, and that his inspiration comes so easily. Specific in nGuyen mInh Son’s paintings takes shape from that deep internal feelings. He’s been working so hard to let more and more people find themselves in his paintings.


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